Kelly White, CD(DONA)

I provide birth doula and lactation counseling services.

Birth Doula Services

  • A free complementary, one-hour consultation

  • Two prenatal visits in which I will discuss your wishes for your birth, design your birth plan, discuss comfort measures we try and use during labor, any other details you feel are important to share and discuss regarding your upcoming birth

  • Unlimited phone and e-mail support from the time I am hired through postpartum to answer any questions/concerns you have and/or to be a listening ear

  • Continuous labor support from the time I am called to join you, throughout the labor & delivery, one-hour following the birth. Emotional and physical support, including but not limited to birth positions for comfort and labor progress, breathing techniques, massage, movement, suggestions, and relaxation techniques, are provided during the labor support, in addition to informational support. Support is provided whenever needed to the mother as well as her spouse, friend, or any other support

  • One in-home postpartum visit within seven to ten days following the birth of the baby. At this visit, we will talk about how everything is going and progressing since the birth, your experience of the birth, and if there is anything I can do to provide assistance, information, and support specifically to your needs.

Lactation Counseling Services

  • Counseling mothers on lactation

  • Assessment of the latching & feeding process

  • Providing corrective interventions

  • Providing information regarding milk production

Lactation services can be one-time sessions or multiple sessions

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