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I hired Kelly to be my doula for the birth of my second child. I desired to have a natural hospital birth, and Kelly helped me prepare by answering questions throughout my pregnancy and giving me topics to research and discuss with my providers and hospital before the birth. The main reason I hired Kelly was because I wanted to deliver without an epidural or other pain medications. I figured she would be a voice of strength and reason during labor, encouraging me and helping me manage the pain of labor naturally. My husband is amazing but as a CRNA he’s versed in giving epidurals, not managing labor pain without one… so I needed Kelly’s expertise. I trust she would have done a phenomenal job but due to how quickly my labor progressed (about 1.5 hours from start to finish) I delivered my baby boy (without an epidural, yay) before she was able to arrive at the hospital (I delivered in Scranton which is quite a drive from where Kelly lives). Even though she wasn’t there for the labor and birth, I kept thinking to myself, “Kelly will know how to help!” when the pain seemed too much for me to handle. I encourage every mom-to-be to hire a doula. Kelly is spunky, reliable, determined, and informed and will help you achieve the birth you desire. The research proves strongly that doulas are worth it- I agree! 


Kelly was a calming presence in the room and I felt so great knowing I had her on my team.  She also helped my husband play an active role, and made us both feel empowered and relaxed.  I was so grateful for her throughout the whole pregnancy and birth process. I could not recommend her highly enough.


Hiring a doula was one of the best decisions I could have made when I decided I wanted to have a natural birth. This was my second birth and my first labor experience was difficult to say the least with an epidural so I knew I wanted to do things differently this time around and I knew I would need help. 

Kelly was exactly what I needed to help me through the labor and delivery.  She was there by my side and was able to talk me through everything that I was experiencing and give me words of encouragement and options for how I could make things easier and more comfortable. I knew I needed someone there to give me confidence that I could do it and that’s exactly what she did for me.  She made the birthing my son a wonderful experience that I will cherish every day


Kelly was such a wonderful to support to our family when we were expecting our first child. She joined us in our home weekly to educate us about the birthing process and natural childbirth. She had tons of resources to share with us and gave us lots of great, holistic techniques for both myself and my husband to use during the labor process. We practiced all sorts of techniques in the comfort of our own home. She was compassionate, supportive, and listened to all of our concerns and answered any questions we had.  I definitely attribute much of the ease and success of my son’s natural birth to Kelly’s support and guidance. 


My birth experience with my son was very relaxed and I think a lot of that has to do with Kelly being present and supporting me. I was scheduled to have a cesarean section and she arrived right on time at the hospital. I wasn’t sure what the day would bring, I had a prior cesarean many years prior with my first baby and I know each experience can be different. The main reason it was different for me this time around with my son, and what made me feel more at ease was knowing that no one in my family had to divide their time between checking on me, and being with the new baby. Prior to the delivery Kelly met with me and my family at the hospital. She talked with me and made sure I was comfortable. After the delivery Kelly joined me in the recovery room and attended to my every need. She was able to fully attend to my needs and helping me adjust after delivery. Whether it was a drink, or a request for an update on my new baby, Kelly was right there able to assist. I was very happy that she was there for me that day

Doula Client

I first met Kelly when I was pregnant with my third child. I had used a doula for the birth of my second child (in a different state) and enjoyed the experience. I knew that if I was to have another child I would definitely want a doula in the delivery room with me again. Thus when I discovered I was going to have another child, I immediately went about looking for a doula. From the moment I met Kelly we hit it off. She was very professional, confirming our appointment and showing up on time. She came to me, making it easy and comfortable. We talked for a while, about life, our kids, just getting to know each other. This first appointment was a sort of interview to make sure that we would be comfortable with each other and that she was who I would want in the delivery room with me. I was very much at ease with her, and by the time our meeting was over I was already convinced that I would hire her.

At our subsequent meetings, we talked more specifically about what I was expecting from her as my doula. We went more in depth for how I would like the delivery to go, who I wanted in there with me, and what my alternatives were if something was to go awry. I was attempting a VBAC delivery. For me, my greatest concern was to deliver my child healthily, and to be awake for that delivery. As such, I was not opposed to an epidural, but was not completely convinced I wanted one. Kelly was completely supportive of whatever I chose to decide, and I did not feel pressured to pick one option over the other. She listened to my concerns and told me she would be there for me no matter what. I decided that I wanted to do things naturally, but that I wanted the epidural on standby in case things did not appear to be progressing well. I did NOT want any other drugs just for pain relief, and I wanted to be awake and aware for the delivery unless there was an emergency that would completely prevent that.

My husband and I had made the mutual decision that he would not be in the delivery room. Someone needed to watch the kids and I wanted them there to meet their new sibling as soon as the baby was born. Plus, hubby is squeamish around blood, and I did not want to worry about him fainting. Kelly was understanding of this and willing to be my main support in the delivery room. I also warned Kelly that I tended to go into labor early. Kelly set my mind at ease and made sure that she would be around and available several weeks before my due date in case that happened. She also would be with me within an hour of me calling her in labor, which was great. I went into labor on a Saturday, 10 days before my due date. I called her in the late afternoon once I was sure I was in true labor. We decided to meet at the hospital, as my labors progress quickly. We were both there within an hour, and already I was dilated almost 6! She helped me through my contractions, breathing and helping me to focus. She even helped with my kids when I sent my husband on what was, to me, an important errand (gotta have champagne to celebrate, and no kids allowed in the liquor store!) Once back, my husband took the kids into the waiting room and Kelly stayed with me.

Doula Client